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Time to Return to Nigeria

Most developed countries are currently in the middle of the worst recession in a century. Unemployment figures are the highest they’ve ever been since the 90”s in the US and the United Kingdom.

Most Nigerians in the Diaspora are finding it increasingly difficult to make ends meet as redundancies and business closures continue to rise.

To make matters worse the usually welcoming western nations are becoming hostile to foreign and migrant workers, perhaps due to the shortage of jobs and the perception that migrant workers contribute little or nothing to their economy, and all they do is drain their housing, health and educational resources.

Nationalist ideologies and Parties are gaining grounds while Immigration laws have been tightened to discourage people from coming in. As a matter of fact, highly placed Politicians are even talking about British Jobs for British workers.

While the developed economies are shrinking, the Nigerian economy has managed to grow by 5% last year according to the recently released figures from the Central Bank of Nigeria, despite the Niger Delta crisis and the epileptic power supply.

You now have to ask the question, where is the proverbial golden fleece? Is it still in the cold cities of Europe? or Is it now in the warm and tropical cities of Lagos or Abuja.

You only have to look at how well some of your colleagues that you left behind are doing, despite all the moans about no electricity, armed robbers and the likes, they still ride the best cars, send their kids to private schools and perhaps still able to afford an expensive family holiday trip to Dubai. What do you think? Time to move?.

Written by David Phillips

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