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Cannibalism—Nigerians on the run!!!

One tittle-tattle is ubiquitous in Lagos that black human parts are the culinary delights of Asians in Thailand.
Can you believe this? Who can blame anyone for this horrifying news about this Asian cuisine that is spreading like wild fire in harmattan.

Only last month, there was disturbing and gruesome news and pictures on the internet of Asians eating black human parts in Thailand. It was like a scene from Hammer House of Horror – that flesh-creeping, blood-curdling Television series in the 1970”s and early 1980”s.

On Tuesday, October 21, 2009, the whole world woke up in the morning and had their hearts in their mouths when they saw on the internet, horrific scenes of Thai delicatessen that you would ever have thought could only be possible in the never, never world of fiction. Never mind the menu in that part of the world that consists of cats, dogs, lizards and snakes.

Thai The pictures showed a group of people in Thailand butchering a black man to pieces before cooking and feasting on his parts.

Presently, newspaper vendors in Lagos are doing a brisk trade selling Magazines for one hundred Naira each with barbaric and gruesome pictures and stories of Asians butchering, eating and trading in black human parts. These magazines are everywhere in Lagos.

Nigerians and other Africans are already fleeing Asia as black human parts are the delicatessen particularly in Thailand. Blacks are on the run. All roads lead out of that country. Nigerians at home are making calls to their friends and relations in Bangkok, Thailand to ascertain their safety.
Why do Nigerians venture abroad with all the risks simply to eke out a living for themselves and their dependants and eventually find themselves on the menu of Asians? With all these pictures on the internet and in magazines, we can see the pasture abroad is not greener as it is being painted. There is nowhere in the world where the streets are paved with gold. And it is not true that success awaits those that travel abroad. Nigerians should stay at home and find something worth doing. The government should make conditions at home conducive enough to make our citizens willing to stay at home.

Meanwhile, an official of the Thai embassy in Abuja, who wishes to remain anonymous, says the pictures and stories on the internet will be investigated.

I say there is fire on the mountain…RUN, RUN, RUN, RUN……………

Written by Henry Kester Ewruje a freelance writer from Lagos

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Miss HIV Positive Beauty Pageant begins in Nigeria

By Olayinka Latona

In order to check or eliminate the taboo associated with the social vulnerability of People Living With HIV/AIDS in Nigeria and to signify a major landmark in the campaign against HIV/AIDS, Mannerism Communications (MACOM) in conjunction the body of People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWA) and the National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA)is hosting the first ever “Miss Positive, Nigeria “beauty pageant.

The contest is unique as it is aimed at developing a national movement for an intensive awareness campaign against HIV/AIDS stigmatisation with primary focus on youths and adolescents.

The event is scheduled for November 23- 28, 2009. Suzan Olori, Project Manager, noted that the eventual winner will reign for one year and will be responsible for executing an HIV/AIDS project in several communities in Nigeria.

Project Director, Mr. Ojo Martins, told Good Health Weekly that the Miss Positive beauty pageant seeks to promote openness, an active lifestyle and tolerance for PLWA in all spheres of life. He said the beauty contest is going to involve both HIV/AIDS positive and negative women, aged 18- 28.

“This contest is going to be an annual event. Our aim is to promote openness and active life styles for those infected and thereby sensitise the populace. The avenue will also provide a unique opportunities for brands to come-up close with the general public through their corporate social responsibilities.”

Apart of the essence of Miss Positive beauty pageant, Ojo said the event is also about networking with PLWA. “Miss Positive is beyond gathering of people and telling them about HIV/AIDS or advising them to use condoms. Rather it is coming out to tell the world that I am positive and how do the people protect me and my interest? It is different from other approach or what we are used to.

“It is an approach where anybody that is positive is proud and once he or she knows that he will not be stigmatised, it will be easier for such person to live an open life.

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